who we are

The Community Church of Little Neck,

Inspired by Jesus, we are a congregation that is interdenominational and committed to service; creating unity in our diversity through the power of God’s love.

We seek to live our lives according to the example and teachings of Jesus. When it comes to loving God and neighbor, we know better than to go it alone. We need the power of example and the compassionate care of friends who want to walk together on our journey of faith.

As a community church,* this congregation recognizes human diversity as a strength. By that we mean that having differences of opinion, even on important matters, is good for us as we follow Jesus together. We practice love and mercy as we learn from one another.

We are inclusive. Because race, age, relationships, politics or nation are not barriers to following Jesus, they are not barriers to fellowship in the Community Church of Little Neck.

If your background is non-religious, questioning, Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical Christian, Liberal, Mainline or you name it… you are always welcome at the Community Church of Little Neck.

Our members join in our Covenant but there is no statement of Faith to test or exclude anyone.

We gather to share the Good News about Jesus Christ with all, and to use our gifts to serve all children of God.

*Read about the Community Church Movement


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