Posted by Moira Ahearne Parkinson

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E-Lift for the summer —
Listen: Aaron Shust, “My Hope Is in You, Lord”
Eagles are majestic creatures, aren’t they? They are mentioned 38 times in the bible. There are many things that distinguish the eagle from other birds. Here are just a few points: Eagles do not fly like other birds; they don’t flap their wings but rather soar. Instead they sit on a high ledge and wait for the right wind currents to come. When the time is right, they take off and soar upward effortlessly, because they have waited for the right time. In like manner, eagles train their young to fly. When they are ready, the parent eagle will nudge the eaglet out of the nest. As it falls, eventually its parent will catch it on its strong wings. Over and over again this happens, until the eaglet learns how to fly. We’ve heard this dozens of times, but it’s good to remember this. Throughout life, we encounter hardships and challenges that can make us forget we’re spiritual eagles.

We are created to soar to spiritual heights. However if we are to soar, we must trust that the spiritual nudging out of the nest that we receive is for our benefit. God will catch us and teach us — even if we feel like we are in a free fall. So we must learn patience and trust. We may feel like God is abandoning us or hurting us. The truth is God is encouraging us to grow, and be who God has created us to be. We must discern the right wind that can carry us where we need to go. This takes time and trial and error. We must resist the easy way. This is the eagle’s way. It is our way, if we are to follow Jesus’ teaching.
Where is God nudging you out of your nest?
Where is God teaching you patience and trust?

PRAY: ” Lord, help me to trust you as a eaglet depends on its parent. Teach us to soar to the heights of love and service.”