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a Message in the Midst of a Busy Week

For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. Romans 15:4
LISTEN TO: WORDS by Hawk Nelson,
Today I did one of my most favorite things in the world — go to the bookstore!! I purchased a collection of books for my new grand-nephew and grand-niece. I remembered the wonderful memories of reading to my children when they were young. No sweeter words did I hear than “read it again mommy!” Every night we would snuggle and read before bedtime. Sometimes we would just talk and tell the stories of the day. Sometimes they would be inspired to make up their own stories, from their favorite books or from their daily activities. I still have those books, and love collecting children’s books. As they got older we graduated to “chapter books” and eventually “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings” became part of our repertoire. Storytelling has become ingrained in us. Just the other day they mentioned how much they looked back to the days we used to sit around the campfire, telling old stories, making up new ones.

It is not surprising that God reaches us through stories. Stories have the power to open us up — to ideas, to image possibilities; to help us understand life. The Bible is a collection of stories — about the human adventure with God, and God’s care and redeeming love for us — even when we are at our worst. Because of the Bible’s flexibility, we started with children’s bible up to a teen bible finally up to a bible for mature young adults. We well the stories — and like good stories, we read them over and over again. Like good stories, there’s always something new to discover. We find ourselves in the text. and we discover, the stories of the Book connect to our personal stories, and the stories of our culture. That’s what makes scripture so powerful. God’s living word transcends it all. Our story is connected to the Great Story of Redemption that God has written over the ages and is expressed in the living Word of Jesus. His story is, as the writers say, “the Greatest Story Ever Told.” And of course it is not surprising that Jesus, like every good teacher, loved telling stories to get his point across.

The Bible can be intimidating to a newcomer. But it is worth the effort, and there are many resources to help navigate the journey. Some books may seem confusing, boring, perhaps disturbing. Other books of the Bible are gripping, inspiring, funny, life-changing. Just like us! The Bible holds up a mirror to our soul and how we are living — how our culture is doing. That’s what a good read does — it draws us in and connects us to our soul and the outer world. So delve into God’s written word. Let the words sink in, inspire you, change you. Be one of God’s amazing stories for the world to read — and reread — to encourage others to read the story behind the story — the love of Jesus, God’s Living Word.
PRAY: “Living Word, guide me as I read the stories of salvation. Make my life your living book, so that others can find you there, and seek to know their story in your Story.”