Posted by Moira Ahearne Parkinson

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a Message in the Midst of a Busy Week

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.Matthew 5:16

Katy Perry, Jodi DiPiazza Sing “Fireworks” at Night of Too Many Stars

OR: Bruce Springsteen, “This Little Light of Mine”

This week our daughter was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.  It was a beautiful moment.  We knew how hard she had worked to earn this honor.  During the ritual there was a ceremony of lights — where each student was given a battery-operated light and invited to place their light on the table. The lights shimmered in the darkened auditorium. the Principal invited each student to look at those lights.  He said they had a responsibility to be a light in the world.  To set an example of honesty. hard work, and service.  He said he  heard  after church on Sunday some kids were singing: “This Little Light of Mine.”  He even sang a verse to all the inductees. He told them how he had seen their light throughout the year — especially with Superstorm Sandy, many had been adversely affected, and there was a strong commitment to help. Don’t loose that, he urged.  Keep that light strong!  The story of Jodi DiPiazza comes to my mind. Jodi, a young girl with autism, has found her way through to the world with music.  It’s a reminder to each of us that no matter what our challenges are, we are also gifted with light. That light, given by the Holy Spirit, will surely lead us to our place in the world. It will lead us, by power of example, to shine the way for others caught in darkness, those who are lost,  or who have forgotten that they too can shine with the light of divine spirit.  Our light can be a beacon to help others find their way to their God-given light.

As I watched those lights shimmer on the table, I couldn’t help but thing of Pentecost, this upcoming Sunday.  What a day Pentecost was — the disciples experienced the outpouring of the Spirit – Spirit like  tongues of fire touched each head. The Spirit gave them power to speak, to communicate with people different from themselves.  The Spirit gave them courage to go out into the world. The Spirit gave them the ability to form a community of love and care. By the light given to us, we too can build communities of love and service, with courage, vision, and perseverance. By the light God placed in our hearts we can find our place.  Our God-given light isn’t a selfish light.  It doesn’t seek to bring attention to ourselves.  It’s a light that reflects to Jesus, The Bright Morning Star, who illumines the entire world.

It’s time for us to remember: God has placed a unique light within each of us. Right where we are at, we are to shine, just by being true to the gifts God has given to each of us. As we shine, we bring healing and hope to the world.  Jesus, the Light of the World,  enables us to find our way, warms our heart, and in doing so help others find their light, just waiting to be lit.  So have a Blessed Pentecost — be filled with the Spirit — and may your light illumine your home, your church, your place of work, and your place in the world where God has sent you.

PRAY:  “Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on us.  Fill us with Divine Light, use us to be light wherever you send us, amen.”